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Monday, 16 September 2013, 20:03 - Starcat

Time flies

It’s funny how things come together sometimes.
Not long after I wrote the previous blog entry, I found a new job as a programmer and it’s a pleasant surprise in many ways. I finally got a foot in the door in the games industry.
Not only do I travel less than half an hour to work, which is perfect, as it gives me a little time to read on the way, but I now work in a great little team of indie developers.
I had no idea there was anything like this in the area.
It’s pretty much the way I always pictured it. Mostly it’s challenging, it’s fun and there is a lot of variation in what I do.
I can even put some of my broader game development experience to good use by providing game design feedback or doing some writing here and there. Which is just awesome!
It’s true when you enjoy what you do, time really flies.

Sunday, 23 June 2013, 16:55 - Starcat

Settling in

Alright, here I am again. In the meantime I moved into the new place with my girlfriend. It took a while until we settled in. We always had so much to do. Now everything I need is in its place. And while I’m looking for a job, I have some spare time to read a lot and work on my creative projects. Ah, that’s probably what you came here for, right?
Wanna hear what I’m up to? Well, I don’t just sit around idle. That’s just not me. In fact my day is packed with activities. It’s a lot of work actually, but I can’t deny I’m doing what I love.
I get up early in the morning, sit down at my desk to write and work on my novel. After that I relax by reading the next book of my to-read-pile in my bookcase.
Next I do something more technical and rational like programming.
Since the last blog entry I rewrote another of my web projects, worked on a toolset in Ruby on Rails to organize my ideas and most importantly got back into game development.
I’m working on a little project just for the fun of it. It’s a cartoony game for the Atari Jaguar featuring one of my characters and it involves a lot of button smashing. As of now it’s still unnamed. I must say after so much high-level programming in recent years, I really enjoy getting back into the oldschool 68k and RISC assembler programming for a bit. That game is my part of daily practical game design and programming work I do at the moment.
Later each day, after relaxing and regaining my concentration I sit down to work on a more complex long-term project of mine. For now I focus entirely on the game design and writing on that one. Everything else about the implementation will follow at a later stage.
That pretty much fills my day. I use the spare time in between and afterwards to take my mind of my daily work. I cook, fiddle about my guitar, do some sketching, do chores around the flat that need to be done. Whatever takes my mind off things or is helpful while my girlfriend is busy with learning and studying.
And then finally, finally the rest of the day is just plain old entertainment. Watching a movie, the next episode of a TV series or firing up some old console game and playing together.
Sounds good? I think so, too. I figure life is every day and we should always try to make the best of it and live the life we want to. Make the best of our time. For ourselves and those close to us.