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Saturday, 23 December 2017, 13:05 - Starcat

A little something for the holidays…

Hey everybody,
Here is a little something from Starcat Devocean for you to enjoy.

I present: »HalMock FurBall – Sink or Swim« for the Atari Jaguar.
– Cartoony graphics
– Fun one-button space hamster action
– EEPROM highscore saving (if device supports it)

The game is designed to run from RAM, so you need Virtual Jaguar (Alpine mode), a Skunkboard or similar dev kit or convert the game using Jiffi into a format you can use.

HalMock FurBall – Sink or Swim

Saturday, 23 July 2011, 12:45 - Starcat

Grab those Goodies!

I finally put some of my games up for download.
This includes PC Windows demos such as the cartoon graphic adventure game HalMock FurBall, the 2 player strategy game Jar.War and on the Atari side of things, several of my Jaguar releases.

There are my CD releases, Ocean Depths, JagMIND: Bomb Squad, Lost Treasures, Eerievale Demo 2004.
Ocean Depths is a compilation consisting of an underwater slideshow, a basic mastermind-like game and the first Eerievale demo ever shown.
JagMIND: Bomb Squad is a logic game that is easily overlooked. It may not look like much, but if you like this kind of thing, it can be addictive. It also has a fun 2 Player mode.
Lost Treasures is a compilation consisting of a lot of work in progress demos and little experiments for the Jaguar. Sadly most of the original projects were lost, thus the name lost treasures, but at least this release gives you an idea what the games might have been like.
The Eerievale Demo 2004, as the name suggests was shown on Euro JagFest 2004, to give people an idea of the progress made. It features a more advanced game engine and new assets.
Next to these CD releases there also is JagWorm. A cartoon game that is my interpretation of the classic nibbles. This game is compiled to run from ram. So you either need a dev kit of some sort, or a CD wrapper such as ULS by the Reboot team.

Of course none of these Jaguar projects would have been possible without knowing Jaguar programming. The best way to get started is the official Atari Jaguar development manual, which is for download, too.

All of these goodies are free to download, but I release them as donationware. So if you like them, please consider supporting my hard work with a donation. This helps cover hosting and development costs in the future. (the donate button can be found in the sidebar of the navigation)
Your support is highly appreciated!
Have fun with the downloads, please leave feedback if you like and enjoy!

Best Regards,

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