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Star Alliance (2001-2003) - Atari Jaguar

Star Alliance was a promising 2D scrolling shooter following an original storyline.

It featured horizontal and vertical scrolling levels with paralax layers and destroyable objects.

Different weapons and ship types were available in the in-game shop and could be upgraded.

Each level followed the storyline and unveiled new settings, enemy types with their individual attack behavior and level bosses.

The game could be played by 1 or 2 players cooperating simultaneously.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Genre: Scrolling Shooter

System: Atari Jaguar

Status: Playable Demo


Production, Graphics, Game Design, Programming by Lars Hannig

Ideas, Concept Art by Michael Hartmann


It was the first approach to develop a game for both Lars and Michael and was done on strictly as a hobby at the time.

When the idea of Star Alliance first came up, it was a big challenge to the young team.

They were just learning the craft of creating games and a lot had to be learned by trial and error.

In search for support, additional team members joined, often with contradicting ideas, just as little experience and ended up leaving again.

What always remained was the core team and their idea for the game.

By the time of 2003 the team decided to move on to other projects, as the game had taken a lot longer than originally expected.

A while later the remaining work was lost, with the exception of testing binaries.