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Nerd Verne (2009) - Windows

Verne is a typical nerd. His world of thought is a wild mixture of movie quotes, video game scenes, internet articles and textbooks. He has enough friends, at least virtual, if one wants to believe his user profiles.

His greatest task however, lies beyond the data superhighway. He wants to change his life and find a job in order to (what else could it be?) save money for a new monitor. His last one broke during a heated online discussion, as it collided with a game controller.

In theory: no big deal. But “The Real World” turns out to be more challenging than Verne had assumed.

On his quest to find a job, he has to face bizarre characters and encounters many obstacles.

Genre: Adventure

System: PC

Status: Playable Demo


Production, Idea, Writing, Game Design, Character Design, Voiceacting of 'Verne' & Programming by Lars Hannig


The game uses custom developed EerieEngine v0.5, and is a fully playable adventure game with funny characters, great looking cartoon graphics, speech and tricky puzzles.


The game was created from first idea to playable demo state in several weeks by Lars Hannig alone, as part of his bachelor thesis.