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Juiced (2003) - Atari Jaguar

Juiced was inspired by the arcade favorite "Joust". It featured an original storyline and original graphics.

Each character had detailed animations, despite the small size.

Environments made use of the advanced Jaguar graphic features, such as paralax scrolling backgrounds and transparency.

Each area had its own obstacles to overcome, such as falling rocks, boiling lava pits, moving plattforms or collapsing bridges.

The feel of the game was closely related to the arcade game, but adapted to the Jaguar pad.

The game could be played by up to 4 players battling opponents or competing with each other.



Genre: Arcade

System: Atari Jaguar

Status: Playable Demo


Production, Graphics, Game Design, Programming by Lars Hannig


After playing the original game of "Joust" and taking a close look at the arcade version, developer Lars Hannig decided to create his own version of the game for the Atari Jaguar.

The game was developed to a playable demo state. A work in progress demo was released.

An 8 player version was considered, but scrapped due to limited screenspace resulting in too little overview.


A demo of the game was released as part of Lost Treasures.