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official Atari Jaguar development manual

The Atari Jaguar was always claimed to be one of the most difficult systems to develop for. It is of course a matter of opinion. However there was a time, when it was already a big challenge to even get the right tools and documentation to try and develop something for the Jaguar.

Back in 1999, when only sketchy underground documentation was available to homebrew developers, Starcat Developments decided it was time for a change.

We managed to find and purchase an extremely rare copy of the official Atari Jaguar development manual. This was only the first step to make it available though.

To create a digital copy of it, a scanner had to be purchased and each page had to be scanned in a lengthy process that took weeks. Ultimately all images were put into pdf files for easier read and the whole package was offered as a free download on the Starcat Developments Website ever since.

To this day, this is the only complete copy of the development manual available on the internet.


Acquisition, scanning, processing and hosting by Lars Hannig

Conversion to PDF by Matthias Domin

We hope you will find the development manual an interesting read and hopefully it will help you get started in Jaguar programming.

official Atari Jaguar dev manual download