Tuesday, 1 July 2014, 06:33 - Starcat

The times they are changing

Long time no post. Well, as you can probably tell I’ve been very busy the last months. Working as lead game designer and programmer on different titles.
‚All work and no play‘ sums it up pretty well. Especially in the last ten months. As friends and family won’t stop bugging me about looking out for myself, I decided to take their hint. I need a little vacation for a change. Recharge my creative batteries. See something different. Get my priorities in order. Big picture stuff.
That being said I’m full of ideas and eager to try them out as soon as I’m back in action.
This is true for both writing and game development. Until then.

Monday, 16 September 2013, 20:03 - Starcat

Time flies

It’s funny how things come together sometimes.
Not long after I wrote the previous blog entry, I found a new job as a programmer and it’s a pleasant surprise in many ways. I finally got a foot in the door in the games industry.
Not only do I travel less than half an hour to work, which is perfect, as it gives me a little time to read on the way, but I now work in a great little team of indie developers.
I had no idea there was anything like this in the area.
It’s pretty much the way I always pictured it. Mostly it’s challenging, it’s fun and there is a lot of variation in what I do.
I can even put some of my broader game development experience to good use by providing game design feedback or doing some writing here and there. Which is just awesome!
It’s true when you enjoy what you do, time really flies.